Powerslide Final 110

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Nothing is holding you back from skating fast and improving your personal best with the affordable, high-performance POWERSLIDE Final 110 inline speedskate. This race-proven skate has its roots as a high-end fitness skate, now re-engineered with innovative features that upgrade the Final 110 into an affordable, race-proven speedskate. The skate has a glass-reinforced plastic shell that’s both supportive and comfortable, giving you everything you need to endure and win long races and marathons. The stable boot also enhances responsiveness and offers excellent power transfer to the strong and precise POWERSLIDE Elite frame made of cast magnesium. The Final 110 is based on POWERSLIDE’s race-proven TRINITY 3-point mounting system that offers a low center of gravity and improved stability. The TRINITY system also allows you to adjust your frame to suit your individual skating style. Riding on three 125mm POWERSLIDE Infinity wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 wheels, the Final 110 is a formidable and affordable high-performance, inline race skate ready to take off.