Rookie One Kids Inline Skate

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This inline speed skate for children is available in size 31 to 33 and takes 4x 84mm wheels or 3x 90mm. Additional purchase of the Resizer Insoles together with Rookie One size 31 offers an adjustable boot-sizing solution in the range 29 to 31!

Do you want to get fast quick? This skate helps you to fulfil your potential in no time. With these inline skates, you will learn the basic skills which will benefit you for life.

This is the skate with the best price-performance ratio we’ve ever made. We deliberately make top quality available for all kids because we think that everyone should have a great time on inline skates.

Young, ambitious skaters need to have a shoe that doesn’t limit their freedom of movement, but still has a perfect fit around the foot.  This way you can maintain a low position, keep your balance without pronation, learn how to push sideways and to use the momentum of falling motion.

The boot shell is made of glass fibre and is moldable around the most important part; the ankle. This will prevent pressure points and sore ankles. The shoe has already proved itself, most of the features were found in the Rookie JR which has been on the market since 2014 and was hailed by many inline skaters.

This skate also allows you to switch easily from three to four wheels, or the other way around, and to change to a different wheel size. The Neo Transformer 2-in-1 frame gives you several options. This way you always have the set-up that matches your development or circumstances. A unique inline frame that will last your entire growth spurt.

Choose three big wheels if you want to go faster and want to do a double push.

Choose four wheels if you want to have lots of grip going into the corners or if you want to practice a powerful push-off.

When you use our insoles you can enjoy these skates for years, no matter how fast you grow. Your parents will like that!

With the Cádomotus Resizer Insoles, one pair of skates can have three different sizes.

Size 31-33: has a 10.0” frame with 4x84mm wheels. You can switch to 3x90mm. With an XYS Resizer Insole, you can make it a size 29!

Dealers can order different sizes across the whole Rookie One range to match a total of 5 in your shopping cart and benefit from 5% volume discount on these products