Versatile-3 inline speed skate

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This inline speed skate supports the ankle better and transforms a 4x100mm or 4x110mm skate into 3x125mm. You can have all possible inline skate configurations for the price of just one speed skate. Start with 4×100 millimeter wheels when you are a beginner, then upgrade to 3 or 4x110mm and finally go on 3 big 125mm inline skate wheels for higher speeds!

This skate is supplied with 3x125mm wheels!

Our entry level skate is the very definition of Versatile – it’s easily the quickest and most nimble starter package in the sport. Officially adopted by the National Speedskating Circuit as their branded league skate, the Cádomotus Rookie Versatile inline speed skate is what future pros are wearing when they’re born.

The Rookie Versatile is an inline speed skate built on our NewSpeed boot platform of stability, so your skater gets the benefits of stiff support to start building their power foundation. Combined with our innovative Transformer frame, this is the skate that will put your starter on the inside fast track to the podium, by helping them develop the technique of a World Champion.

Our design innovations in stability, response and pure function come through in this top of the line starter kit. Like our more popular lines, the Rookie Versatile is equipped with the Cádomotus Competition Transformer frame, a frame your skater will learn technique with, train on and eventually outgrow. It’s uniquely designed to allow them to start in the appropriate set up for young legs, 4 x 100mm. Once they develop to the point of proficiency, it’s a simple adjustment to a fully functional 3 x 110mm set up, and from there, the sky is the limit. It’s one inline speed skating frame they can skate on for years to come.

Cádomotus is known for the very purposeful intention behind each stride you’ll take on our skates. The Rookie Versatile is very much a study in progression, from sidelines to podium on a power platform developed with intelligence, perfected with practice:

  • Slow to flow: You start on 4 x 110mm set-up, developing critical skills, form and strength
  • Flow to speed: As muscle memory and strength develop, you transition to 3 x 125mm configuration and the pace intensifies
  • Speed to power: Mastery of command & control allow you to focus on optimal form, skating on a solid power-base
  • Power to podium: The realm of Champions awaits!